We Redesigned Coffee.

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Nerd, Byeee.

We cut the nerd-speak, and gave our coffees a personality instead.
They're freshly roasted & they've got their own playlists.
Order them in classic WHOLE BEAN or convenient HOME BREW GRIND.


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Being Popular.

We think home-brewing's for everyone.
Got coffee questions? 
We're your new best friend.

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What's In The Bag?

No, not hierloom tomatoes, but kinda. Like tomatoes, coffee is a fruit, and best fresh! We small batch roast the finest Arabica beans four days a week and deliver directly to you, freshly roasted. When you skip the supermarket supply chain and choose fresh, you'll taste the difference!

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Easy For You

We think home-brewing should be easy.
We'll send your freshly roasted coffee prepared however's best for you.

Home Brew Grind

This option is just the right grind to work well with all methods of home brewing.
Because pre-ground and ready to go makes mornings better.

Whole Bean

This option is not ground.
We got you, purist.
Grinding at home is cool too.

Delivered To Your Door. Free.

Subscriptions ship free!
Pick your own schedule.
Cancel, skip, pause or change anytime - no commitment!

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Your Coffee Mood

Your coffee is that one special me-moment.
We get you. That's just how we designed our coffee.

"Love sitting in my backyard drinking this coffee, listening to the birds. My happy place! And the freshly roasted beans make me less jittery than the supermarket brands I used to get."

★★★★★ Charlene B.
Mother of 7 & 9 year olds, COVID-19 homeschooler, White Plains, NY

“SF has some of the best coffee shops in the world but they're closed. Luckily Popular.coffee consistently delivers a perfectly roasted bean that meets my demanding coffee shop standards!"

★★★★★ Dave T.
Third-wave coffee fan, CEO, DCL logistics, San Francisco, CA

"A bag shows up in the mail and I get the best quality without needing to understand all the sourcing & roasting details myself."

★★★★★ Ethan B.
Neuroscientist, currently working from home, Washington, DC