✔ The Finest Specialty Beans & Taste

DECAF is a MC Decaf 100% specialty Arabica coffee from Colombia. The premium beans are packed with flavor that fans describe as "raisin-y" and "chocolate-y".

Did you know that decaffeinated beans have less moisture content? This makes roasting an even more delicate process with zero room for error, as over-roasting can happen so fast. Our expert calibration carefully protects the flavors of our premium beans.

✔ Artisan Roasted

Our coffee is roasted in a 30kg (approx. 66 lbs. capacity) Diedrich roaster, however we roast in even smaller batches between 20 to 40 pounds at a time. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that our coffee is perfectly calibrated to bring out the full potential of our premium beans.

Did you know that many commercial roasters process around 450 pounds of coffee per batch? Because of the quantities being handled, industrial coffee is roasted too aggressively and results in a burnt and bitter coffee taste. That's why an artisan roast tastes so much better.

✔ Delivered Directly To You, Fresh & Date Stamped

Every bag of is stamped with the date of roasting and shipped straight to you within a few days.  We roast every Monday and Tuesday in upstate New York and send coffee to customers Monday through Thursday.

Did you know that freshness is the single most decisive factor to the quality of coffee? Unfortunately, the supermarket supply chain simply can't provide that because of the months spent in transport and on shelves. You might recall seeing an "expiration date" on your supermarket coffee, which is a best guess on when the coffee might go rancid but gives no indication of when the coffee will go stale. That's because supermarket coffee is months, if not over a year old at the time of purchase, and is, in fact, almost always stale. The best quality coffee always shows a roast date, ensuring that your coffee is fresh.





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“Love sitting in my backyard drinking this coffee, listening to the birds. My happy place! And the freshly roasted beans make me less jittery than the supermarket brands I used to get.”

Charlene B.

Mother of 7 & 9 year olds, COVID-19 homeschooler

White Plains, NY

“SF has some of the best coffee shops in the world but they're closed. Luckily consistently delivers a perfectly roasted bean that meets my demanding coffee shop standards!"

Dave T.

Third-wave coffee fan, CEO, DCL logistics

San Francisco, CA

"I work with some big coffee connoisseurs who used to bring beans into the lab. I wanted the same at home. Now a bag shows up in the mail and I get the best quality without needing to understand all the sourcing & roasting details myself."

Ethan B.

Neuroscientist, currently working from home

Washington, DC


Which Coffee Is Right For Me? is the simplest specialty coffee ever.
We did all the tasting and testing so you don't have to.
Just pick it how you drink it: black, white or decaf. Simple!


The Premium Beans
100% Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Tanzania & Guatemala, blended by our head roaster for a beautifully balanced burst of flavor.

The Artisan Roast
A light-medium roast best captures the delicious taste for you. 

The Short Version
The perfect coffee if you drink it black.


The Premium Beans
100% Arabica beans, exclusively sourced from Colombia for a rich, smooth taste. 

The Artisan Roast
A medium roast develops a more robust taste so your coffee will be fabulous with milk or sugar.

The Short Version
The perfect coffee if you add milk or sugar. 


The Premium Beans
100% Arabica beans, exclusively sourced from Colombia for a deep, mellow vibe.

The Artisan Roast & Decaffeination
A light-medium roast, decaffeinated using the MC Process: best for conserving flavors.

The Short Version
The perfect coffee if you take it calm.

Why Does Freshly Roasted Matter?

Freshness is the key to great coffee. Unfortunately the supermarket supply chain can't get beans from roast to cup quickly enough. Industrial coffee sits on shelves for months, so to mask the staleness, beans are very heavily roasted, burning all the wonderful flavors. 

Our Fresh Guarantee.

We small batch roast four days a week and ship directly to you, skipping the supermarket shelf. In fact, the only shelf our coffee will ever sit on is yours, and we guarantee it won't stay there for long ;)