• CALM is a single origin decaffeinated bean from Colombia that fans describe as chocolate raisin. 
    Like all of our coffees it’s 100% specialty Arabica, the most premium type of coffee. Arabica beans only grow at high altitudes; where the environmental conditions develop wonderful flavor complexity.

  • CALM is medium roasted with artisanal love and care. Decaffeinated beans have less moisture content which makes roasting a very delicate process with zero room for error, as over-roasting can happen so fast. Our small  batch roasting protects all the flavors, and makes this the best decaf you'll ever drink. We use a top-of-the-line Loring roaster, designed and made in the USA, with capacity for 33 pounds. Commercial roasters process around 450 pounds of coffee per batch, which often results in a flat, burnt taste with bitter notes. In contrast, our small batch roasts are always perfectly calibrated to bring out the full potential and individual richness of the beans.

  • Every bag of CALM coffee is stamped with the date of roasting and shipped straight to you within a few days. We roast every Monday and Tuesday in upstate New York and post our coffee Monday through Thursday. You’ll notice the difference with supermarket coffee at the first sip. Because of the time spent in transport and on shelves, supermarket coffee is months, if not over a year old at the time of purchase, and is, in fact, almost always stale. Really great coffee is like fruit, you want to enjoy it fresh!