Specialty Coffee, Minus All The Geek-Speak

Mr. & Mrs. Popular enjoying a French Press made with Popular.Coffee Home Brew Grind, at home in upstate New York.
Photo credit: Popular.coffee

There's coffee and there's coffee: the beans from the supermarket, and the beans from those hipster coffee shops, that are small batch roasted and consumed fresh - also known as "specialty" coffee. Specialty coffee is both delicious and very, very nerdy. We're on a mission to change the nerdy part.

At the start of our story, Mr. Popular would make Mrs. Popular coffee every morning. One day, Mrs. Popular had to do it herself, but unlike Mr. Popular, she had no desire to be a specialty coffee nerd. She was not interested in learning about bean farming, understanding the provenance of coffee or mastering grind calibration. She just wanted reliably fantastic coffee without all the geek-speak. That became the Popular.Coffee vision.

For Mrs. Popular great coffee is just about enjoying different moments of caffeinated pleasure, so she designs based on vibe and mood instead of profile and provenance, ideas she can relate to without being a coffee expert. Instead of obscure "tasting notes", every coffee has playlist and a playful personality.

But while Mrs. Popular is putting the pop in the coffee, Mr. Popular, still an unapologetic coffee nerd is busy tasting, testing and generally making sure that Popular.Coffee delivers the finest beans in the world, small batch roasted with artisanal savoir-faire. As every good coffee nerd knows, small batch size makes a huge difference.

Commercial roasters process around 450 pounds of coffee per batch resulting in that flat, burnt taste with bitter notes. This industrial roasting is cheap and results in a "shelf-stable" product that can sit in warehouses and on retail shelves for months. In contrast, the careful calibration of our artisanal roast brings out the full potential and individual richness of the beans. We roast four days a week in upstate New York, and deliver your bag straight to your door, date-stamped and always fresh.

All of our perfectly roasted coffees can be ordered as a classic bag of WHOLE BEAN or a convenient HOME BREW GRIND. We created Popular.Coffee to help you make great coffee super easy.

The Most Popular Freshly Roasted Coffees You Ever Met

All available in classic WHOLE BEAN,
convenient HOME BREW GRIND
and our exclusive NESPRESSO MICROGRIND for refillable pods.

Strong & smoky


BEAN ORIGIN: Papua New Guinea
POPULAR FOR: Making (N)espresso

Voluptuous & smooth


ROAST: Medium
POPULAR FOR: Drinking with milk or sugar

Dynamic & Complex


ROAST: Medium
BEAN ORIGIN: Blend from Ethiopia, Tanzania & Guatemala
POPULAR FOR: Drinking black

Our signature decaf


ROAST: Medium
POPULAR FOR: Kicking back