Freshly Roasted Coffee
Made Super Simple.

You shouldn't have to be a coffee expert to deserve freshly roasted coffee. We made ours so simple that you can pick a coffee in 3 seconds. We artisan roast weekly and deliver directly to you, skipping the supermarket shelf. The only shelf our coffee will ever sit on is yours, and it won't stay there for long ;)


How Do You Drink Yours?

Our Story: A Coffee Geek & His Bored Wife. 

"No more coffee nerd-speak! What's the one single thing that makes it really good?" was created by a big league coffee geek and his loving wife. Every time he started talking about bean provenance and brew methods, her eyes glazed over. She wondered why there couldn't be really great coffee WITHOUT all the nerd-speak? She asked her husband for the super short version: what was the one single thing that really made for great coffee? Freshly roasted beans, he said. was born.

He explained that the supermarket supply chain simply can't get beans from roast to cup quickly enough to be really good quality. Most supermarket coffee is months, if not over a year old! And because industrial coffee sits on shelves for so long, it's very, very heavily roasted to mask the staleness. sends freshly roasted coffee straight from our artisan roastery in upstate New York to your door. is also the only freshly roasted coffee that you can pick in three seconds. Our resident geek has done all the tasting and testing for you (and for his wife!). Together, they designed it so all you need to do is pick it how you drink it... There's a BLACK coffee for drinking it black and a WHITE coffee that's ideal with milk or sugar. And sometimes it's good to take it calm, so there's a great DECAF too. Simple!

More information on the husband-wife team at Wisdom Sprint, their design and innovation consultancy.

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