The New & Improved Way To Do Nespresso.

A Nespresso is a wonderful machine, quickly delivering a good shot of caffeine at the push of a button. A wonder on those groggy mornings. A life saver between afternoon calls. But it's not all rosy in Nespressoworld. Although it's priced as a premium coffee, all your money is going into the packaging and the retail, not the coffee itself. The stuff inside the pods is not all the best quality Arabica bean and it's not at all fresh! It doesn't have the depth of flavor you enjoy with a real specialty coffee that's been freshly roasted.... Until now.... Because Popular.Coffee has rocked up in Nespressoworld with the world's first freshly roasted coffee specially ground for refillable Nespresso capsules: the innovative MICROGRIND.

Reason To Love #1: It Extracts Just Like A Regular Pod

Until now, refillable pod users have loved the idea and not so much the result because the shot tends to come out watery. The Popular.Coffee Microgrind is a game changer because it has been professionally calibrated for the Nespresso machines (original line). The extra fine, "micro" texture will extract just like single-use pods, for deep, rich brew with a smooth crema every time.


Reason To Love #2: It's Great Value

50 original line capsules from Nespresso cost $35. You can fill around 50 capsules with our $20 bag of  MICROGRIND. That's just $0.40 cents per shot, instead of $0.70 for a single-use capsule from Nespresso, so you'll be saving real money.

Reason To Love #3: It's Freshly Roasted

Regular Nespresso capsules may look fancy, but inside it's just your standard supermarket fare, heavily roasted to mask the stale taste. With such a large, global supply chain, what's in the pod has to be shelf-stable so it can sit in warehouses and on retail shelves for months. In contrast, our carefully calibrated artisanal roasting brings out the full potential and individual richness of the beans. We small batch roast four days a week in upstate New York, and deliver our Microgrind  straight to your door, roast date-stamped, fresh and in a class of it's own when it comes to taste and aroma.

Reason To Love #4: It Feels Good

Let's admit it, single use capsules are a pain in the ass to recycle and it feels awful to throw away all that aluminum every time. Refillable capsules, made of stainless steel are designed to be used over and over. Use, rinse, repeat!

The Theory

The Nespresso system uses percolation. Percolation just means that your brew "percolates" through a filter, leaving the grinds behind. Some percolation methods use a paper filter, but for a Nespresso, the filter is the capsule itself because the small capsule full of grind offers resistance to the hot water being pushed through it. That's why you can't just put any grinds in a reusable capsule and make a good Nespresso - the grind must be specially calibrated to provide the right resistance in order to properly extract the taste and caffeine from your coffee.

Reusable Nespresso Pod Instructions

  1. Fill the capsule with Microgrind all the way to the top. A full capsule is key to a great result. If needed, in order to completely fill the capsule, you can lightly tap the pod to settle the grinds, and then add a bit more. If you are using a scale, the right quantity is 4.5g.
  2. Run a fingertip around the lip of the capsule to clean of any grinds sitting on the edges.
  3. Close the capsule (depending on the type of capsule you have, either fix the adhesive cover or screw on the lid).
  4. Use your capsule.
  5. After use, wait a minute for the capsule to cool before removing from the machine.
  6. Rinse and repeat!